Commercial Water Softeners

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Commercial Water Softener Experts

Hard water can create numerous issues and maintenance repairs in your commercial applications. Calcium and mineral build-up causes reduced efficiency. Equipment exposed to high levels of hard minerals like calcium requires more significant amounts of maintenance to restore the loss of productivity. With Vive Brant, our water softener system is designed to meet the needs and conditions for all types of soft water functions for your commercial appliances.

Why Choose An Excalibur Water System For Your Commercial Water Application

Excalibur Water Systems utilizes Aldex resins. We are the only OEM water softener manufacturer in Canada to do so.

Aldex water softening resins combine unique manufacturing techniques with a proprietary non-solvent sulfonation process which creates the top choice for water softener resin.

Aldex water softening resins will never have organic chloride leakage and are 100% non-solvent.

Aldex resins can ensure a long service life due to the low moisture content when oxidants such as chlorine and chloramine increase in potable water supplies, Aldex has a suite of resins with higher cross-link levels and capacities that offer greater resistance to degradation from oxidative attack.

How often should a commercial water softener regenerate?

There is a contributing list of factors when determining the correct frequency of regeneration for your commercial water softener system. This list includes the level of hardness in the water, the number of people in your location, and the full tank capacity. Call Vive Brant if you need more information on selecting the right water softener for your specific application, and our team of professionals will be more than happy to help guide you.