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At Vive Brant, we deliver the highest quality radiant floor heating systems designed to provide you with efficient floor heating and significant savings on energy without any compromise in value. Paying for floor heating and installing floor heating systems can be expensive and time consuming to get done. We believe however, that you should never have to compromise when it comes to the quality of your living conditions and comfortability. With Vive, you will never need to. Our floor heat systems are both well-made and always affordable. Your new heating system will be meticulously installed by our team of expert tradesmen.

Heating is often expensive because of the high cost of systems such as boilers or furnaces, that can become costly to buy, maintain and possibly fix. Radiant floor heating is far less expensive because it does not require any large, high maintenance system to purchase. It is also far more efficient than air heating because the heat is distributed across the floor heat systems rather than through air ducts.

The most convenient aspect of floor heat systems is that it provides complete floor covering, unlike other heating systems that have heat concentrated to a certain area, or heat the house with uneven distribution. The benefits of floor covering is that the house is heated equally, so you can determine your desired heat and have that heat consistent across your entire house. Heated floors are especially effective on a thin, concrete slab. A slab can be poured over a radiant floor heating system if needed.

Another benefit of floor-based heating is that it is completely non-allergenic. Heat distributed through the air can also carry particles and debris that can result in unpleasant allergic reactions. With floor heating, you never have to worry about the heat having negative effects on you or any family or friends.

Given that radiant floor heating is evenly spread across your home and you can feel it directly through the floor, it is also very energy efficient. This differs from sir-based heating which constantly needs to rise and sink throughout the house. This consistency makes floor heating more effective while also requiring less energy costs. It also creates far less heat emissions and reduces your carbon footprint, making it an effective environmentally conscious choice.

Save money, stay warm and help protect the earth’s valuable resources with radiant floor heating installation from Vine Brant.

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