Residential Water Softeners

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A Word on Water Softeners

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Having a water softener system helps you reduce high concentrations of calcium and magnesium caused by hard water. With Vive Brant, we will guarantee you have water that is gentle, beautifying, and enriching. A soft water system also results in leaving your skin soft and hair more manageable, while hard water prevents soap from washing, working as it should, and rinsing off as you desire. It may also leave an invisible film on your skin that blocks your pores, holds dirt and bacteria, causing dryness to your body and the urge to itch. Washing your hair in hard water leaves your hair looking limp and lifeless and colored hair dull and uneven. With Dominion, we will install a working water softener system guaranteeing you to use fewer quantities of soap, shampoo, and skincare products, leaving your body nourished with which they work.


Doing laundry in hard water becomes an obstacle. The minerals that cause hardness to stop the cleaning process of your clothes is why having a water softener system has proven significantly more effective than doing laundry in hard water. The negative outcomes are much the same as skincare; hard water combined with the ingredients of soap and detergents to form a build-up on clothing, one that holds soil in the fabric, shielding it from removal—resulting in clothing looking dirty and stiff to the touch with repeated washing. Fibres deteriorate which leads to a faster wear rate. With an Excalibur water softener system, soap and detergent are activated to make a smaller amount work more effectively. Soft water makes the rinsing process better, removing dirt and excess from the fibre and lengthening the life of your clothes. Laundry washed in soft water will be brighter, cleaner, and all-around comfier.


Hard water used in your dishwasher can clog plumbing and damage your appliances, wearing them down over time. Leaving you to hand wash your dishes and repeat the cleaning process. Having a water softener for your dishwasher will eliminate any hard water spots and leave a beautiful shine to your glassware. You are also saving half the amount of detergent or soap hard water requires.

Plumbing and Appliances

The use of hard water done on your plumbing and appliances can cause all different types of problems; from build-up in pipes, fixtures, and appliances to reduced water flow, clogs, and increased stress for your plumbing system. With Vive Brant, we will treat your plumbing and appliances to an easy life with the addition of an Excalibur Water Softener.